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Relevance of traditional medicine in acidosis and alkalosis

A healthy body is taken into account slightly alkaline. Acidosis may be a disease of the entire body; it’s the abnormal increase of acidity within the liquid body substance. Body fluids like plasma, urine and electrolytes, etc. could also be acidic or alkaline counting on the food we eat. Acidosis results in a diseased condition. Acidity and Alkalinity are measured on a standard scale called pH. The range is from 0 to 14.

0 to 7 is Acidic and seven to 14 is Alkaline. Water is on the brink of 7. A healthy body features a pH of seven. 4 When the body’s pH falls below 7.35, it means, Acidosis has set in. If the body’s pH rises above 7.45, the body is again diseased and that we call it Alkalosis. The range of health is extremely small and therefore the balance is critical. If the pH of the plasma drops below 6.8 or raises above 7.8 the damage to the cells is somewhat irreversible. This balance is maintained by the Lungs and therefore the Kidneys.

Some of the common causes of Acidosis are:

• Shock Asthma Anemia Cancer

• Seizures Medication Dehydration Hypoglycemia

• Liver Failure renal failure Eating Acidic foods

• Certain diets are required to take care of a balanced pH

When the body becomes too Acidic, blood cleanse using Alkaline fruits and green vegetables are required especially with cases like Leukemia (Blood Cancer), Acne, Panic attacks, Depression, tract Infections (UTI’s), etc. When the body becomes too alkaline, blood cleanse using Acidic fruits and green vegetables are required especially with cases involving Lung problems, Liver diseases, etc.

Types of Acidosis:

• Respiratory Acidosis

• Body fails to expel CO2, the amount of CO2 increases within the body.

• Metabolic Acidosis

Kidney fails to excrete the acid from the body. Under this, we’ve Hyperchloremic, Diabetic and Lactic acidosis.

Types of Alkalosis: •


•An acid-base disorder thanks to kidney conditions

• Respiratory

• A decrease in chlorine (Hypokalemic) or Potassium (Hypochloremic)

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