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Representation of Landsat Image Spectral Space as a Method of Boreal Ecosystems Geomatic Modeling (on the Example of Eastern Fennoscandia)

Another way to deal with data extraction from Landsat TM/ETM+ symbolism is proposed. It includes change of picture space into an apparent 3D structure and examination of places of the environment marks in this space with graphical articulation of backwoods and soil cover typology (biogeocenotic conspire). The model is inherent the LC1-LC2-MSI tomahawks: the two first head parts of the picture network in logarithmic structure and dampness stress record. Contrasted with Tasseled Cap, this change is more appropriate for the review region. The otherworldly classes of mature woods line up from the biological ideal (moraine slopes) along two fundamental natural angles are : I) absence of water and nourishment (fluvioglacial sandsbedrock) and ii) level of paludification (lacustrine fields). Along these lines, the biogeocenotic edifices (Quaternary stores + vegetation) are recognized. The progression directions of woodland recovery through ghastly space are additionally connected with the sort of Quaternary stores. For open mires unearthly classes mirror the sort of water and mineral sustenance (ombrotrophic or mesotrophic) and the degree of water table. The ghastly model is a numerically formalized article that depicts the quantitative and subjective qualities of the environments. Being conveyed in geological space, it transforms into the ideal primary base for coordinating the aftereffects of discrete field perceptions into a solitary space-time continuum. The ghastly space model made utilizing estimated by the scanner actual qualities can be the base for true characterization of boreal environments, wherein perhaps the main grouping criterion is the situation in phantom space.

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