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Research ethics in traditional medicine

Today we live in an era of evidence- based science and cutting- edge researches, due to which research has become crucial for all systems of medicine irrespective of its country of origin. As per the current scenario, no system of medicine is accepted without strong evidence- based practice. Also, clinical trials help us to obtain information on the efficacy and adverse reactions of various drugs. As a result, researchers of every system of medicine feel a strong need for research in their respective medical system and join hands to conduct research to withstand the competitive world. But, most of the researchers tend to forget to balance science and ethics in the planning and conduct of research which is an essential component in the advancement of science and technology. In general, research means to gather information and ethics is the moral obligation to differentiate right from wrong. This differentiation can be facilitated by various ethical theories and principles. In this presentation, we intend to discuss the importance of research ethics in traditional medicine, ethical theories and how well can researchers incorporate research ethics into traditional medicine.

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