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Research on Marketing Strategy Based on the Behavior of Children's Wear

The characteristics of consumption behavior of parents were studied through questionnaire survey with parents in domestic cities as the research object. Conclusions were obtained through SPSS analysis software that young and highly educated are the main characteristics of 0-7 years old children’s parents at home; family income is an important factor affecting children's family expenses; each of the children in the children's clothing on the average annual cost from 600-3600 Yuan, with annual household income difference; parents pay most attention on the material and style of children’ wear; shopping, internet search, friends recommend are three kinds of information sources which are the most common ones; they often go to shopping malls and online shopping ;parents with a high education level are willing to pay attention on the children’s suggestions into consumption; most parents don’t pay enough attention on the security of children’ wear; and finally makes suggestions on R&D of products and marketing strategies of children’s wear enterprises.

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