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Research on the business model of public health care social entrepreneurship in China

In this research project, from the perspective of public goods, we focus on analyzing the nature of the various services covered by the community medical tradition and the new health management concept. In this link, we combine the market-oriented macro-environment, especially in the context of the latest medical reform industry-related policies to analyze. Government and industry enterprises are the key parties to marketization. Under such a premise, we try to investigate the possibility of publicized medical care service in the form of social entrepreneurship in China, as well as specific business models, and then find ways to enhance the social credibility of public health entrepreneurship projects. The work will fundamentally promote the sustainable development of the health industry in mainland China. At the same time, we hope that this study will provide some ideas for China's urban community health development policymakers to promote the vigorous development of the public healthcare industry social entrepreneurship.

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