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Research on the Modeling Method for Digital Weaving Based on the Information of Physical Yarns and Fabric Pattern

The modeling method of digital weaving is one of the key technologies in digital textile, which is considered a great value in the textile industry. Based on the real yarn image information and the specified weave structure, this paper presents a method to realize that modeling for digital weaving. The imaging system has been designed to extract the information of yarn appearance of geometry characteristic. The basic cycle matrix is used to represents weave structure and the weaving matrix is for modeling. Weaving matrix can be obtained by extending the basic cycle matrix. According to the weaving matrix, the weaving network is built by the selected number of warp and weft yarns and their order of arrangement. Then the physical yarn image is divided into a set of nodes and is filled to the weaving network. By extracting the connecting matrix and stress matrix of warp and weft yarns respectively, the visual processing units (VPU) can be built. Finally, all VPUs are drawn according to the corresponding shape and illumination model. Through image splicing for all VPUs according to their corresponding position in weaving network, the modeling of digital weaving can be realized. Experiments demonstrate the validity of the method proposed in this paper.

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