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Rho-Kinases in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Review

OSCC is most common and lethal malignancy worldwide. Global estimated death is to be more than 10,000 annually. Metastasis is the deadly consequence associated with OSCC because of homing of cancer cells to lymph nodes. Motility of cells is accomplished by important signaling molecule known as Rho kinases. Rhokinases modulates cytoskeleton of “transformed” malignant cell to govern distant metastasis. Interaction of Rho kinases and signaling molecules assists in driving the tumor cell through extracellular matrix and blood vessels to reach the destined location. By focusing and systemizing on the molecular aspect of Rhokinases will help in divulging the problem of the mobility of OSCC cells and will also aid in designing novel anticancer therapies.

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