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RSP injection technique

RSP stands for (Reshaping of Skin Pores) which is a needle-free injection technique. Scientists and developers are interested in this discipline since a very long time to solve the conventional injection techniques problems such as pain, tissue damage etc.., They have developed many needle- free injection techniques such as micro-needles patches, jets etc.., These techniques will be discussed briefly in the presentation for comparison purposes. RSP injection technique is developed to overcome limits and obstacles faced by these techniques especially that include intradermal or subcutaneous injection techniques. Diabetics, who suffer each single day from insulin repeated injections, are considered as the main target of the present work. The conventional routes of insulin injection, by using syringes or by more advanced routes such as insulin pen or insulin pump, have many problems especially for elders and children. RSP- injection technique could be considered the optimal solution for insulin injection for diabetics and many other cases. In this event, we will discuss the scientific origin of RSP injection technique, the mathematical model of the injection system in addition to two different versions of prototypes but without any technical details according to the legal right of manufacturers and investors

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