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Shielding the Electromagnetic Waves by Inserting Conductive Lightweight Materials into Woven Curtains

This preliminary study presents screening curtains made of electro-conductive yarns introduced into woven structures, which provide similar screening abilities as those offered by commercially available metallic plates. The curtains have a major advantage of being flexible so that they are easier to install and to remove. In order to provide a lightweight solution to compare the existing solutions present at the market, one proposes using (1) a carbon yarn (200 tex) and (2) a nickel-coated carbon yarn (1420 tex) as wefts in the woven structures responsible for conducting. The fabrics were separately tested in the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) anechoic room, which is non-reflective and echo-free laboratory chamber. Transmitting and receiving antennas were installed inside of this chamber. The antennas configuration was also changed to observe the influence of these devices set-up on the screening abilities of the curtains. The preliminary results indicated that in the frequency of 628 MHz, the screening ability of the fabric made of (2) was 57.77 dB.

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