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Single cell nano-electroporation to laser induced photoporation: Novel approaches for cell therapy and diagnostics

The ability to precisely deliver of foreign cargo into single living
cells is of great interest in cell biology and therapeutics research.
Conventional bulk electroporation is widely used but has been
known to cause high percentage of cell death and require high
voltage sources. Microfluidic electroporation platforms can
provide high delivery efficiency with high cell viability through
better-controlled electric fields applied to cells. Here we develop
micro/nano fabricated single cell electroporation platforms, which
is an efficient and fast method for multi-nanolocalized single cell
nanoelectroporation, where electroporation takes place on a
multiple region of individual single cell membrane using ITO nano
electrodes array. The gap between two nanoelectrodes are 70 nm
with triangle tip diameter of 40 nm, which intense an electric field in a
precise region of single cell membrane to deliver biomolecules with
high transfection efficiency and high cell viability. On the other hand
we developed photoporation based devices, where nano-second
pulse laser is used to interact with metal or metal nanoparticles and
form plasmonic nanobubbles, which rapidly grew, coalesced and
collapsed to induce an explosion, resulting strong fluid on the cell
membrane. Thus plasma membrane can disrupt and form transient
membrane pores, allowing the delivery of cargos from outside to
inside the cell. Using both of these techniques we successfully
deliver dyes, DNA, RNA, QDs and nanoparticles, bacteria in cancer
cells as well as stem cell. These new approaches can allow us
to analyse different dyes/biomolecules interaction in single living
cell with spatial, temporal, and qualitative dosage control, which
potentially applicable for medical diagnostics and therapeutic

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