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Single Incision Vaginal Tape for Lateral Detachment Repair: A Pilot Study and Description of the Method

niques are aimed to stabilize the lost integrity at DeLancey Level II, none of them seemed to be optimal. Despite vaginal surgical approaches utilizing synthetic meshes has been well established, and widely debated, our aim was to establish an optimal surgical procedure to decrease the size of the implanted vaginal grafts. Methods: In a prospective preliminary study, 43 patients with lateral cystoceles were enrolled, and have been implanted a partially absorbable polypropylene/polyglycholic acid vaginal tape. The two endpoints of the tapes were administered above the ATFP, providing lateral support. In 53% of the cases (23/43) the patients also received a TVT, due to co-existing SUI. Follow up examination were carried out six month after the operation. Results: We observed significant shift in the Aa points (-0.86 cm ± 0.56 SD to -2.95 cm ± 0.30 SD) and in the Ba points (-0.42 cm ± 0.59 SD to -2.65 cm ± 1.04 SD) pre and postoperatively. Those patients who had dual tape implanted 95% (22/23) were found to continent. During the six month follow up period no mesh extrusion, no dyspareunia and no recurrence were noted. Conclusions: The implantation of a vaginal tape is a relatively easily and quickly executed surgical technique, which is able to bypass laparoscopic approaches. The method can be combined with simultaneous TVT implantation in SUI patients. Although further studies with more participants, are required to assess the effectiveness of the approach.

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