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Sleep Quality and Related Factors in Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review

Introduction and objectives: Sleeping is among vital needs of cancer patients to achieve better therapeutic outcomes and confront the disease. Due to the important role of sleeping in cancer patients, current systematic review is conducted to investigate sleep quality of cancer patients in Iran.

Method: Relevant studies were extracted from SID, MAGIRAN, IRANDOC, SCOPUS, PUBMED, WEB OF SCIENCE databases using Cancer, sleep, sleep quality, sleep disturbance key words without time limitations. Then, the extracted data were reported in tables.

Results: 6 studies were assessed in the systematic review collectively. Results of the extracted data from these studies showed that approximately 66.88 percent with an average of 8.99 suffer sleep disorders.

Conclusion: Sleeping plays an important role in improvement of therapeutic situation and prevents from worsening of cancer complications. Consequently it is suggested that necessary actions and instructions be considered in planning for these patients to enhance sleep quality.

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