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Specificity of Psychosomatization of Psychologist-leaders with Professional Deformations (Burnout)

The understanding of the phenomena "Psychosomatization" and "Professional Deformations" is deepened. The comparative analysis of professional deformations (burnout) of two groups of psychologists with and without a leadership position, namely, the relationship of individual-specific and functionally-role influence and finding in situations of hidden stress on the components of professional deformations (burnout) is carried out: emotional and/or physical exhaustion, depersonalization and reduction of personal achievements. A comparative analysis of the symptoms of psychosomatization of two groups of psychologists with and without a leadership position, and violations of the respiratory, digestive and cardiovascular systems, musculoskeletal and skin reactions. Specificity of psychosomatization of psychologists-leaders with professional deformations (burnout) is determined: disturbance of the "Sleep-wake" cycle features of social interaction, reduction of motivation to activity, somatovegetative disorders, deterioration of well-being (emotional shifts, peculiarities of individual mental processes, decrease in overall activity, fatigue). The influence of professional deformations (burnout) on the psychosomatization of leading psychologists has been established. Attention is focused on the need for psychoprophylaxis and psychocorrection of emotional and/or physical exhaustion, professional disadaptation and symptomatology of psychosomatization of leading psychologists.

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