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Sternal Wound Infection in Patients with Sternal Fixation using Locking Compression Plates

Background: Sternal wound infection negatively affects the quality of life of our patients because they need further medical attention. There are many options for sternal fixation [1-4] with no standardization of indications for each line of management. We aim to investigate the rate of Sternal Wound Infection (SWI) when titanium plates are used in patients who needed sternal reconstruction due to traumatic causes and secondly, we want to follow up pain score when titanium plates are used. Methods: This is a pilot case series study which investigates Sternal Wound Infection (SWI) rate and pain score with the use of locking compression plates. We have enrolled 23 patients over a period of 6 months. Results: Our study includes 23 patients whom sternum was fixed using plates and screws technique. At 1 month follow-up, one patient presented with sternal dehiscence and two patients had superficial sternal wound infection. There are no recorded sternal wound infections at Day 60 Post-operative follow-up. It has proven to be associated with immediate relief of pain shown by the differences between pre-operative and postoperative pain scale scores in trauma patients. Median scores are 8 and 2 with range being from 7 to 9 and 1 to 4 respectively. Conclusion: Locking compression plates show potentially promising results with better pain tolerability, less complications and rapid, smooth recovery. Much larger studies can be conducted with high acceptability and feasibility. Abbreviations: SSIs: surgical site infection, DSWI: Deep sternal wound infection.

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