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Students Perception of the Mathematical Classroom while Integrating Digital Technologies

In the current research, we were interested in testing the impact of integrating technology on student’s perception of different mathematical courses regarding the constructivist versus traditional approach to teaching/learning. The study was performed in the mathematics department of our College of education. We analysed the students’ perception of our mode of teaching as well as of their own level of involvement in the learning process with respect to the usage of different digital tools according to the basic characteristics of the traditional versus the constructivist classroom. We compared the students’ assessment of the mathematical classroom in different courses that were taught with and without technological tools. The obtained results show that the students' perception of mathematical class while integrating technology corresponds to the basic characteristics of the constructivist class, whereas the class without the use of technology corresponds to the description of the traditional one. This result strengthens our suggestion that the appropriate usage of technology in teaching mathematics enables to transform the classroom from traditional to constructivist one.

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