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Study of Fe Ion-Implant Doping on Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of Electrochemically Synthesized CdS Nanowires

Present paper shows the effect of Fe implantation on structural, optical and morphological properties of cadmium sulfide CdS nanowires. Nanowires of diameter around 100nm were synthesized using track etched method homemade electrochemical cell. Later CdS nanowitres were implanted with 80KeV Fe+ ion at room temperature with a fluence ranging from E14 TO 5E16 ions cm-2. Properties of the structures were investigated using XRD, UV, PL and electrical characterizations. X ray diffraction study shows that Fe ions are occupying the substitutional sites instead of forming any metallic clusters or secondary phase. There are changes in optical band gap and the PL intensity owing to the increased implantation fluence. Although the structure shows non-ohmic behavior there is noticeable change in saturation current.

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