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Study of functional outcome of economical pure platelet rich plasma therapy for osteoarthritis of knee in rural population

Objective: Osteoarthritis (OA) is a leading cause of disability; OA affects the knee more often than any other joint. With the ageing of the population and the growing obesity epidemic, the number of surgical procedures for knee OA increased dramatically, of which knee replacement is the costliest to the health care system and burdensome for the patient in the Rural Population. Other treatment options for OA of the knee would be of great value. The P-PRP is an autologous blood preparation with a platelet concentration higher than baseline. This is normally achieved through differential centrifugation, with collection of the PRP from above the white blood cell layer. A second spin is frequently performed to further concentrate the platelets. Platelets are recognized to release a host of growth factors and cytokines that are able to induce pro-regenerative attributes in laboratory studies, including promoting proliferation and recruitment of progenitor cells, modulation of inflammatory responses, and stimulation of new blood vessel formation.

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