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Study of Isotope D/H Composition in Women Liquid Media during Lactation


Carried studies of isotope (D/H) composition in liquid media in women during physiological lactation revealed different deuterium concentrations presence, which significantly differ in saliva, blood plasma and woman breast milk. Thus the highest deuterium concentrations observed in the saliva, which surpassed deuterium content in the blood plasma (by 99 ‰) and breast milk (by 117 ‰). Inclusion in drinking diet deuterium depleted water (-614 ‰,volume 1.5 liters per day, for 30 days) led to significant decrease of deuterium concentration in all liquid media on average by 102-160 ‰, on background it was noted some smoothing of differences between biological media with preservation of deuterium concentration decrease gradient in the same sequence as inphysiological conditions.

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