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Study of Tunnel Magneto- Resistance in Junctionless Magnetoresistive Device Based On Passivated Zigzag Gallium Nitride Nano-Ribbon

For investigating the magneto-resistive property of junctionless magnetoresistive device (JMD), first principle density functional theory calculations along with non-equilibrium Green’s function (NEGF) method is used. In this work the magnetoresistance of edge passivated zigzag gallium nitride nano-ribbons (ZGaNNR) have been computed. Though the gallium nitride is nonmagnetic material but for small length till 1.7 nm it shows magnetism.The result of this calculation indicates that the electrical property of ZGaNNR can be changed by passivating the edges of nano- ribbons with hydrogen (H) and fluorine (F) atoms. When passivating both edges of nanoribbons with H and F atoms it gives a semiconducting ZGaNNR. When passivating the edge consisting gallium atoms with H and F atoms it results in a half metallic ZGaNNR. A JMD can be constructed by passivating particular edges of nano-ribbon, the electrodes should be half metallic and the central scattering region should be semiconducting. The JMD with H passivation provides higher magneto-resistance (MR) and much better spin filtering efficiency in comparison to JMD with F passivation. The major application of these kind of devices is in making Magneto- Resistive Random Access Memories (MRAMs).

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