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Study on the Causes of Discontinue Treatment in Treated Patients with Cutaneous Leishmaniasis with Muscle Glucantime Injection based on the Type of Medicine (Treatment) Side Effects

Background and objective: Cutaneous leishmaniasis is considered as an endemic disease in not only Iran but also all over the world. Since cutaneous leishmaniasis is not mainly fatal, therefore it has not been considered seriously by researchers as such as fatal and hard diseases, therefore due to lack of studies in this area in Iran territory, Cutaneous leishmaniasis has been focused to be studied in the current study.

Methods: The current research is a cross-sectional descriptiveanalytic study. The studied patients were the 54 cases who were the candidates of the treatment by systematic glucantime muscle injection in Sabzevar city at 2016 based on the country protocol. The relations among the parameters including demographic, systemic symptoms, pancreatic enzyme alterations, liver enzyme alterations, CBC, BUN, Cr by the incidence of complications during the 3-week treatment period were studied by systemic Glucantime injection. To analyze the obtained data, Chi-squared test of SPSS program version 16 was applied.

Findings: Regarding the achieved results, 31 males (57.4%) and 23 females (42.6%) were selected as candidates of systemic treatment. 22 candidates (40.7%) were under the age of 60 years. Refractive index treatment was 50%, that all of the candidates have shown systemic complications with significant relations with incidence of time (P<0.0001). 14.7% of the candidates along with systemic symptoms, showed enhancements in pancreatic enzymes 3 times high, presenting significant differences with incidence of time (P<0.006). The highest complications occurred during the first week of treatment.

Results: In the present research, the causes of the treatment ending was the incidence of systemic complications and incremental changes in pancreatic enzymes due to glucantime muscle injection occurs mostly in the first weeks of treatment period that finally may lead to the use of alternative methods including cryotherapy for patients treatment.

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