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Successful Treatment of Robert’s Uterus by Two Different Ways: Laparotomy or Hysteroscopy: Case Report and Literature Review

Robert’s uterus is unique malformation described as a septate uterus with non-communicating hemicavity; i.e. a blind uterine horn usually with unilateral hematometra, contralateral unicornuate shaped uterine cavity and normal external shape of the uterine fundus. Pelvic pain intensified near the menses in young women is the main symptom and recurrent pregnancy loss and infertility are the main questions when they grow up. In this study, we described two cases of Robert’s uterus: one was Excised of the septum on laparotomy and then successfully became pregnant and gave birth, the other was treated with hysteroscopy and 1 month later, another hysteroscopy showed the uterine cavity shape was closer to the normal. And we also summarized the diagnosis and treatment from the current reports.

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