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Surgical Approach to Access as Transciliar Resection for Anterior Cranial Fossa Meningiomas

Introduction: Meningiomas are meningothelial tumors originating from arachnoid cells, which are more frequent in the fifth and sixth decade of life, represent 30% of intracranial tumors. Multiple approaches have been described and developed for the resection of lesions of which the transciliary approach offers an adequate visualization of the anterior cranial fossa, of sellar, parasellar and suprasellar structures, with satisfactory resection results. Material and Method: Three cases of patients with a diagnosis of meningioma of the anterior cranial fossa were submitted to complete resection using a transciliary approach, plus repair technique with autologous bone graft and pericranial pedicle flap rotation to improve results aesthetics. Results: Two male patients (38 and 56 years) and a female of 52 years of age, with no relevant history, presented a history of chronic headache; in the two men with alteration in the campimetry, the resecction was performed using the technique described without complications and with good aesthetic results at 12 months follow up in the three cases. Conclusion: The transciliary approach is a good option for the management of anterior cranial fossa pathologies, allowing adequate resection in the case of meningioma, with reduced bleeding, retraction and lesion to the olfactory nerve, as well as better cosmetic results with the technique employed and a considerable reduction of the inpatient stay.

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