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Survey on the Security Issue of Mobile-Ad-hoc Network

In wired network there are lots of protections when communication occur because every node is physically connected to each other and there have minimum chance to leak the data from this wired network So, the data are safely transferred through this network. In case of wireless mobile ad-hoc network in which every node is dynamic in nature when data is transferred from one source to destination then data transfer node to nearby node and haven’t centralized point. This network is established in that place where proper infrastructures are not present. Due to mobile ad-hoc network hacker have maximum chances to attack on this partial or entire wireless network. There are bundle of vulnerabilities and number of attacks are present through which data can stop for transferring to real destination and also disturbed that network. There are number of techniques are discussed in this article for preventing of data in mobile Ad-hoc network [MANNETs].

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