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Synergistic Potential of Dillapiole Combined With Pyrethroids against Mosquitoes

The synergistic potential of dillapiole, a phenylpropanoid isolated from Piper aduncum, in a combination with pyrethroids was evaluated. Although dillapiole has already been proposed as a synergist for a range of insecticides, it has not been tested for controlling disease vector mosquitoes. Aedes aegypti and Anopheles albitarsis mosquitoes were exposed to Cypermethrin, α-cypermethrin and dillapiole. Tests were conducted in the bottles were impregnated with pyrethroid or pyrethroid plus dillapiole. Bottles with dillapiole-insecticide combinations were prepared in the same way as the insecticide-only impregnated bottles. The TL50 and TL90 values of dillapiole/pyrethroid combinations were significantly different from those obtained with pyrethroid or dillapiole applied separately. The data indicates potential for dillapiole to be used in public health programs directed to mosquito control. The potential advantages of using dillapiole as a synergist and the consequent reduction in the quantity of applied insecticide include lowered cost of applications, decreased environmental impact and improved insecticide resistance management.

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