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Synthesis of Azopolymer for Colon Targeted Drug Release

Background: Colon specific drug delivery system has attracted considerable attention for the past few years to release drugs in a predictable and reproducible manner. To achieve successful drug delivery, a drug needs to be protected from degradation, release and absorption in the upper portion of the gastric intestinal tract and then to be ensured abrupt or controlled release in the proximal colon.

Methods: A system for colonic targeting drug delivery was developed by coating the drug-containing capsules with azo aromatic, microbial degrading and pH-sensitive polymers that are prone to selective degradation in the colon environment. The azo aromatic polymers were synthesized by a bulk polymerization technique using different ratios of water-soluble and water-insoluble monomers.

Result and conclusion: These polymers were characterized for physical attributes, namely film-forming properties, effect on colon bacterial flora, and pH. The systems were subjected to in vitro release and in vivo performance studies. The studies revealed that azo aromatic polymers are cleaved by the colonic microbiota and can be used successfully for colonic targeting drug release

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