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The Assessment of the Knowledge Level Regarding Innovative Treatments for Infertility among Infertile Women

Introduction and Purpose: One of the most important natural instinct in any women’s life is to be a mother, if a woman suffers from infertility she is blamed to be unfit for survival that’s why fertility ability is considered as an important part of success and happiness in marital life. Thus, it seems that the infertile woman with higher knowledge regarding infertility has more ability to deal with this problem and get significantly better results in the treatment. The current research was conducted to assess the knowledge level regarding innovative treatment for infertility among infertile women attending infertility clinic at Bangalore, India in April 2015.

Materials and Methods: Descriptive design was selected for the present study. Research statistical population included all infertile women attending Nova IVI clinic at Bangalore at the time of the study (n=60), women were selected by purposive sampling technique. Data were collected by structured knowledge questionnaire. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The level of significance was considered at 0.05 level.

Findings: Findings revealed that the knowledge level was very poor. There was no significant association between knowledge score and age, educational status, occupation, religion, type of family, type of infertility and source of information.

Discussion and Conclusion: None of the samples was having an adequate level of knowledge about innovative treatment regarding infertility, and the majority 80% of the samples was shown with the inadequacy in knowledge score, the result reveals that there is a wide gap in lack of knowledge on innovative infertility treatments among infertile women.

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