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The Auricle in Anatomy, Evolution, Anthropology and Art

The Auricle in Anatomy, Evolution, Anthropology and Art

Objective: Due to a shortage of literature concerning a multidisciplinary approach to the auricle, we decided to examine the pinna from the biological, anthropologic and artistic aspect.

Design: Anatomical investigation, artistic exploration, and review of literature.

Setting: Anatomical laboratory.

Materials and Methods: We explored 15 825 artwork reproductions created by 2 103 authors. In addition, 132 auricles of 66 volunteers were examined anatomically.

Results: True pinna appeared only in mammals in order to improve the range frequency of the received sound. The scientific examination of the auricle began in the 15th century. We distinguished four types of the human auricle: the oval (45.5%), round (13.6%), rectangular (9.1%) and triangular (31.8%).

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