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The Development of Textile and Garment Professional Market, Industrial Agglomeration and Regional Economy

China's textile and garment professional market development has promoted the industrial agglomeration and the regional economy development, it has important theoretical and practical significance to study how the textile clothing professional market aggravate the industrial agglomeration and serve the regional economy. Based on the literature combing and theoretical analysis, this paper constructs a theoretical model of the interaction between textile and apparel professional market, industrial agglomeration and regional economy, and analyzes how the textile and apparel professional market influences regional economic development through the intermediary effect of industrial agglomeration by using the structural equation analysis method based on the questionnaire survey data. The study found that the textile and apparel professional markets can improve the degree of industrial agglomeration, while industrial agglomeration promotes regional economic development. According to the results of empirical analysis, the paper puts forward some specific strategies to accelerate the development of textile and apparel specialty market, promote industrial agglomeration and accelerate regional economic development.

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