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The Development of the Social Service System in Russia

The upgrading of the management structure and organization, social services of disabled, handicapped and elderly people in Russia are inseparable from the personnel training for social sphere modernization. Modern social technologies, which were developed and tested by specialists of the Russian social services, help now to solve many problems, to strengthen the personal capacity of the sick, the handicapped and the elderly to overcome their life difficulties. Despite the fact that more than a hundred of Russian universitie produce personnel with specialized social education, still a priority of the technologization is not leading in the work of such specialists in Russia. In the field of social service of Russian regions the transformations that need to expand the coverage of the sick, the disabled and the elderly by means of the services of the social centres are actively undergoing. The introduction of new methods and technologies of social services is in progress, the modernization of social centers is under way, and the logistics base of institutions is strengthening. In spite of this, a number of unresolved issues in Russian social services still remain: there is a small queue for services, in some places there is an outdated infrastructure and sometimes an insufficient number of social technologies are used, however, all these issues are under active solution.

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