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Study and Analysis of Flyback with Adding RC and CatchWinding Forward DC-DC Power Converter in CCM and DCM

The isolated DC-DC converters are completely separated between the input and the output terminals. However, the non-isolated DC-DC converters would share a common ground between the input and the output terminals. The isolated DC-DC converters can be used as a positive grounding or negative grounding. Furthermore, isolated converters have found wide application recently due to their advantage over non-isolated converters. In addition, electrical isolation of input and output ground connections is for safety. The voltage and current stress on switches can be minimized using transformers. Moreover, the first winding can be used to put in energy into the inductor; as a result, the inductor that could gradually increase the energy from the inductor to the load cannot be available for the other coil. The two significant topologies of the isolated DC-DC converters are flyback converter and catch-winding forward converter. Therefore, the main goal is to analyze and investigate the impact of change in switching frequency, duty ratio, load and the input voltage for every topology and to find the critical points for every topology by comparing the results with every figure done through this work [1].

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