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The Effect of Increased Reliance on Information Systems and Relational Databases in Airline Industries: A Case Study of British Airways

 In spite of the general acceptance of the information systems and relational databases, a true understanding of how these systems really affect the airline industry is far from fetched. The knowledge acquired of Relational Database Management Systems and Information systems inaugurate these days a major shift of appraisal in large organisations in the whole world. The formation of a database engine is still a major challenge to the human mind since there are particular areas in which a final solution has not been attained. For example, the requirements of how video, images, sounds can be stored appropriately. Information systems and relational database systems are debated continuously on their relative importance of its relevance although the trailing of rigor in an airline industry is relevant. The result shows that further effort is needed to ensure a practical understanding of the risk involved as well as the benefits in relying on these systems is established. This research informs the Aviation Sector on the unique role played by these systems and how it can make or break their organisation by analysing in depth on what information systems and relational database systems really are how they work and how they can be managed and developed into better practice.

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