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The Effect of Summer School Education on the Attitudes of Students towards Research

Objective: The present study was performed in 2015 to determine the effect of summer school education affects the perspective of talented students on research.

Methods: This study was performed semi-experimentally using the summer school training method on Thirty-six Talented students from the Zabol University of Medical Sciences in 2015. The data collection tool was a standard questionnaire used to survey student perspectives on research.

Results: Scores on perspectives on research changed from mean ± SD of 40.10 ± 1.30 pre-intervention to 60.30 ± 1.80 post-intervention (p=0.001). The mean and SD for female students was 65.02 ± 2.23, which was higher than mean and SD of males students was 50.32 ± 3.14. (p=0.01). These findings indicate that summer school affected perspectives on research in this student sample (p=0.001).

Conclusion: Establishing summer school for students may develop students’ perspectives on and willingness to learn about research. Studentship is the best time during which they can learn research skills. Holding such workshops can play an important role in the evolution of the health system.

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