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The Effects of a Botanical Blend on Post-Exercise Mucosal Antimicrobial Proteins

Exercise is a stressor that is known to in some cases suppress antimicrobial protein levels, particularly secretory immunoglobulin type A (IgA). Athletes in the midst of in-season training often demonstrate declining levels of sIgA as well as increased risk for ailments such as upper respiratory tract infections. Therefore, it is important to investigate natural supplements that may enhance post exercise mucosal immune function. Twenty healthy collegeaged males volunteered to participate in the present single blind, repeated measures study. Three treatments were administered (botanical spray, botanical drops, placebo) at the onset of 30 Min of 80% VO2 max cycle ergometer exercise. Secretory IgA and Human Alpha Defensin were quantified in saliva samples 30 Min and 90 Min post exercise. Analysis via repeated measures Anova revealed a significant treatment effect at 30 min (p=0.030) with post hoc testing revealing a difference between the botanical spray and placebo (p=0.027), but by 90 Min there was no differences by treatment (p=0.758). There was no difference by treatment observed at either 30 or 90 Min for human alpha defensin concentrations. Based upon these preliminary data, it appears that a single dose of the tested botanical blend delivered via mouth spray can increase sIgA, one of the primary anti-microbial proteins in the oral cavity, for a short time post exercise.

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