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The Efficacy of Homoeopathic Medicines in Management of Menopause

Background: Adult women all over the world are familiar with the term "the transition," which refers to the changes that accompany menopause. Many women are afraid of these changes because they imply a decrease in fertility and sexuality, as well as the start of ageing. Menopause should be referred to as "a transition in women's lives," rather than "The Change" This study consists of two parts, theoretical part and practical part. Theoretical part is completed by studying; collecting and compiling the data by going through extensive literature and information’s available regarding Management of Menopause. In practical part study was carried out on 30 cases of menopausal complaints and treated according to the methodological criteria. Method: In this pilot study the participants above 45 years of age presenting with cessation of menses for at least 12 months along with menopausal complaints 30 participants have been chosen after fulfilling the criteria of case definition, inclusion and exclusion parameter. Followed by a detailed case taking and clinical examination was done to every participants. Results: From the response of patient, it is found that 18 patients showed good improvement, 9 patients showed moderate improvement and 3 patients showed poor improvement. Conclusion: This study showed a significant relief to the patients suffering from symptoms of Menopause. Apart from prescribing homoeopathic medicine judiciously, there is also a need of psychological counseling along with educate women about their changes in their bodies will be going through, which will reduce their anxieties considerably.

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