Journal of Spine & NeurosurgeryISSN: 2325-9701

The Primary Interosseous Meningeoma: A Rare but Fascinating Entity

Primary interosseous meningeomas are rare. They account for less than 1% of the total number of meningeomas seen today. We present a case of a swelling on the scalp as a result of recurrent trauma, which was ignored but gradually increased to a size of 5 cms. Imaging showed an interosseous lesion extending onto
the convexity dura of the right frontal lobe but not invading the underlying brain. The tumor was completely excised with a wide margin and a bone cement cranioplasty was done to cover the defect. Follow up after 6 weeks showed no recurrence of the tumor. Histopathology revealed that the lesion was a grade 1 meningioma. A review of relevant literature along with a discussion of possible differential diagnoses is provided as well

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