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The Relation between Land Tenure and Land Cover, Affecting Sustainability in Cities. Case Study the City of Prague

Land tenure is generally considered to be an important factor
affecting land use development. Changes in land use and land
tenure can influence both physical fragmentation and ownership
fragmentation of the environment, with implications for biodiversity.
In this study, we evaluate changes in land use and land tenure in
cities, we believe through the development of the city of Prague
as an example; changes of land use/cover effect on land tenure
and reflect on conserved natural areas in the short and long time.
Studying the city of Prague in the development of the relation of land
tenure and land cover/use and the factors such as environmental,
economic, and social factors that affect changes, using maps from
aerial photographs and GIS data and measured changes between
2004 and 2017 In the city of Prague. Our results demonstrate that
land-use/cover change between 2004 and 2017 was dominated by
an increase of urban areas at the expense of green spaces and
suggest that past predictions regarding future urban growth in the
city region have proven accurate and highlights regions of change
that merit further study and will affect the future development of the
city leading for a green and sustainable place to live.

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