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The role of acupuncture and the therapeutic use of essential oils in treatment of addiction, stress, and pain management

Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine and it is widely used with other, modalities such as massage therapy. An important treatment strategy that enhances the effectiveness of the session is the therapeutic use of essential oils when addressing Addiction and its co-occurring disorders. It is important to train in essential oils, although they are safe, simple, and effective both in alleviating such symptoms of pain, and anxiety commonly associated with addiction. The dialogue between the clinician and patient also helps increase self-awareness and transform consciousness for the patient. Olfaction is a common diagnostic method that is used in Chinese Medicine and also considered a powerful sensory modality. Olfactory receptors have been found in nearly every tissue of the body and parts of the CNS relevant to addiction and motivation, and stimulating acupuncture points along these energetic pathways along with the application of Essential oils support and alleviate nervous symptom disorders such as those triggered by addiction i.e. anxiety, sleep problems, pain, depression, and stress.

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