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The Role of Ketone Bodies is Indispensable to Human Life

As to the metabolic situation at birth on animal species, there seem to be two patterns. One is the brains of neurologically precocial and mature species, and another is the brains of neurologically non-precocial and immature species including rat and human. The former can have ability of for complete oxidation of glucose, which is aerobic glycolysis. However, the latter would utilize a mixed metabolism of glucose and ketone bodies in order to generate energetic and synthetic activities. In summary, KB has an important role for human’s life. It can generate energy during fetus and newborn and necessary occasion without glucose depletion. In middle age, KB would be useful for nutritional therapy for metabolic syndrome, and for anti-aging medicine. For aged people, KB may contribute the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer dementia and other diseases. We expect KB research development for health happiness of everyone.

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