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Peer Review

Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism follow single-blind peer review system that includes reviewers are aware of the identity of the authors, but authors are unaware of the identity of reviewers. There are minimum four reviewers for each article in each issue.

Every submitted manuscript processed for preliminary quality check control check by editorial office followed by external peer review process. Usually preliminary quality control completes within 7 days and is majorly with reference to journal formatting, English standards and journal scope.

Peer review is the process of evaluating the quality and validity of scientific or scholarly work by experts in the same field. It is an essential aspect of the scientific process, as it ensures that the work is reliable, accurate, and meets the standards of the field. The peer review process is typically used to evaluate research articles, conference papers, and grant proposals.

The peer review process involves several steps. First, the author submits their work to a journal or conference, where it is reviewed by an editor or a committee. The editor or committee selects reviewers who are experts in the same field as the work being reviewed. The reviewers then evaluate the work, providing comments and suggestions to the author, and recommend whether the work should be accepted, rejected, or revised.

Peer review helps to ensure that only high-quality research is published, and it provides a mechanism for feedback and improvement for the author. It also helps to maintain the integrity of the scientific process by preventing fraud and plagiarism.

Despite its benefits, the peer review process has been criticized for being time-consuming, costly, and potentially biased. However, many efforts have been made to address these issues, including open peer review, double-blind peer review, and post-publication peer review.

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