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The Use of Advance Dermaplaning in Clinical Skin Care and Treatment

Skin barrier function is important to the function and appearance of the skin. Without adequate hydration, the process that normally causes surface cells to shed is disrupted, resulting in flaky, itchy, dry and inelastic skin which can lead to barrier dysfunction. Adequate moisturizing is essential to treating skin with eczema. Treatments such as corticosteriod topicals and emollients cannot be effective in limiting flares of eczema if they cannot reach the skin surface due to barrier dysfunction. Exfoliation is beneficial for removing keratinized skin cells that disrupt normal barrier function. Advanced Dermaplaning is a new approach to exfoliation of the skin, in real time. The addition of Advanced Dermaplaning to the treatment protocol of persons with excessive cellular buildup or atopic dermatitis, can be useful in instantaneously removing the cellular blockage that prevent effectual topical treatment applications and their efficacy.

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