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The use of High Performance Textile Surfaces in Sport Shoe Designs

Today, the field of design is at a time when technology and integrated interdisciplinary design understanding is on the rise. Products that we carry with or on us such as clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. are designed by prioritizing the needs of the individual in the century and the element of comfort, which is one of these needs.Shoes, which have unique production forms and possibilities such as the intensity of manual labor, the expertise and skill required, the need for natural raw materials from past centuries, are at a different point from clothing as an industrial product that is in the fast productionconsumption cycle and takes its share primarily in developing production technologies.

In addition, the design of shoes is affected by the intellectual infrastructures and technologies used in the designs of clothes, moreover, it is designed to fit in a similar fashion circle in that it is fashionable. In a way, the shoes were rediscovered; As a design area open to innovative initiatives in the titles of ergonomics and surface properties, it cooperates mostly with textiles.

Advances in synthetic fiber technology over the past 50 years have made it possible to develop and manufacture high-performance textile surfaces.

These developments, which determine the future of the textile industry, have affected ergonomics and comfort in shoes. It can be said that the shoe design field, whose surface is made up of textile, progresses simultaneously with these developments, and thus the shoe design has started to have a wider material area.

In this study, high performance textile surfaces used as shoe upper materials were investigated.

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