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Three Baltic Colonies are Unspecific Metabolomics of Common Eider Incubating

The Baltic/Wadden Sea Flyway of common eiders has declined during the last 3 decades. Multiple elements like contaminant exposure, heating , hunting, white-tailed eagle predation, reduced agricultural eutrophication and infectious sicknesses are advised to clarify the decline. We accumulated records onbodymass,mercury(Hg)concentration,biochemistryanduntargetedmetabolomicsofincubatingbirdsintwocolonies inside the Danish Straits and during a single colony inside the Baltic right to seem into their metabolisms and strength balance. Body mass became to be had from early and overdue incubation for HovRøn and Christiansø,showingasignificantdecline in both colonies with late frame mass at Christians being the lowest.

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