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To Enhance the Thermal Stability of Epoxy/AlN and Epoxy/Al2O3 Composites

An epoxy and AlN / Al2O3 composites show sustainable strength and stable thermal properties. Epoxy matrix nanocomposites play a crucial role in electronic packages as per miniaturization requirements and effective thermal management. The electronic packages are used in different applications like automobile, missiles, aeronautical engineering. They should be reinforced by designed in such a way that, they can sustain high or low temperature, high corrosion, etc. The aim of this work is to improve the thermal properties of epoxy matrix nanocomposites. The heat dissipation is highly required in such applications. The conventional materials are not able to achieve the targeted result due to high thermal expansions. The composites have different properties than conventional material. Hence they can cope up with the problem faced in such industries. The fillers Aluminium Nitride (AlN) is mixed with epoxy with different proportions ranging from 17% to 21% and Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) proportion ranging from 11% to 15%. The fabrication of the specimens was carried out by the compression moulding method. The thermogravimetric analysis is done by Perkin Elmer System. With an improved set of thermal properties than conventional materials, these nano-fillers based polymers can possibly be used for different applications of electronic industries.



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