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Today’s Global Health Profile and Tomorrow’s Perspective

When the Summit of 2000 held by United Nations, Global interventions to improve world population health and wellbeing was among the top of summit agenda, declared by member nations called Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Declaration that included significant difficulties encountering global development, aimed to almost by 2015. Accordingly, such as mid-decade Goals (MDGs) utilized as fundamental base and essential frame for development. Remarkable achievements have been made in many of areas. Nevertheless, mid decades goals stayed un-addressed and achieved like such as reproductive health, maternal health and child health as well as many others, saying that developmental goals renewal agenda was made to cover about 17 Goals of sustainable development to be achieved through out 2016-2030. Poverty and related diseases eradication was among the top of the priorities. New agenda with title of transforming our world has been developed to be reached by 2030 as a vision to sustainable development.

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