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Treatment Options for the Patients with Diabetic Retinopathy

Objective: to elaborate the methods of treatment for the patients with diabetic retinopathy (DR) by means of both conventional treatment (medical or surgical) and preparations with extracted fetal stem cells (FSCs) in suspensions containing stem cells of fetal liver, brain and fetal eye.

Materials and methods: A comparative study was conducted on 15 patients with diabetic retinopathy including 7 women and 8 men aged from 27 to 61 years. All patients were administered conventional treatment, laser coagulation and, only over 6 months following the latter, FSCs suspensions containing cells separated from human embryonic tissues of fetal liver, brain and fetal eye were used for treatment of the patients under study.

Results: Authors proved effectiveness and safety of treatment using FSCs in patients suffering from DR. Based on the study we recorded improvements of glycemic and lipids profile as well as overall ophthalmology status among the patients.

Conclusion: FSCs use in complex treatment of patients with DR stabilizes disease compensation, can improve laboratory values and ophthalmology status.

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