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Tune-up your brain and stimulate your mental capacities with quantum technologies!

The human brain is a complex entity constantly at work, sending electrical signals, communicating, building new neural connections and so on. This electrical activity generated by the brain, also known as brainwaves, reflect our state of mind. Reality is not based on outside influences but is an internal process based on our thoughts, perception and emotions. If we deepen our understanding of these brainwave frequencies, we can control our reality. There are five different kinds of brainwaves – Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. Each type of brainwave played a critical role in our mental development during our childhood and they play an important role in maintaining our health and vitality as adults. In today’s world, our brain is constantly bombarded with frequencies of all kinds without our being fully aware of it, without knowing the source, causing Mental Stress that result in a broad variety of mental health conditions.

Understanding and preventing diseases and injuries to the nervous system is a major stake for Health and Well-Being. Neurological disorders affect nearly a billion people worldwide. With the aging of the population, this figure will increase further!

Fortunately, technologies exist to protect and develop our most important resource: our BRAIN which is the engine of our thoughts, actions, emotions, etc.! The QUEX Quantum Technologies and Therapies based on Quantum Physics, Biofeedback and Bioresonance are designed to detect and reduce STRESS including Mental Stress!

The QUEX Bioresonance and Biofeedback device makes it possible to query the body for its most acute and chronic imbalances and to correct these stressors with focused energetic therapies. The main premise of Bioresonance and Biofeedback therapies is that Electromagnetic frequencies (micro- currents) can be used to re-establish the electrical and biochemical functions of the body to restore the integrity of the tissue and promote healing.

Frequency therapies as used in QUEX Technologies are holistic, personalized, efficient, safe, painless, drug free, without side-effects, in harmony with the environment and scientifically based.

Join us for this presentation where we will demonstrate some of the most powerful functionalities of this QUEX device to tune-up and stimulate your brain!

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