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Two Cases of Laryngeal Myxoma Misdiagnosed as a Vocal Fold Polyp

Laryngeal myxoma is a rare benign neoplasm of uncertain mesenchymal cell origin and often misdiagnosed as a vocal fold polyp [1]. The term ‘myxoma’ was introduced by Virchow in 1871. The histological findings of myxoma were described to resemble a mucinous substance of the umbilical cord [2]. To the best of our
knowledge, there are only eleven reported cases to date [1,3]. Here, we report two cases of laryngeal myxoma. Direct laryngomicrosurgery was performed under general anesthesia. The lesions have been stable without recurrence. Myxoma has a high incidence of local recurrence, because myxoma tends to infiltrate the surrounding tissue [4]. Further follow up might be necessary.

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