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Ayurveda - A heritage

Ayurveda, as the name suggests the science of life. It is the oldest healthcare approach being passed from generations to generations by Gurus to their students. This 5000 year old science consists of precautions and cures of disease. This has the ability to stop the disease before it even starts by analyzing someone’s daily routine, diet, habits, body structure etc. Even after being this old Ayurveda has not failed to treat any disease. Ayurveda not just treats disease by medicines, but by dietary and life style modifications as well. Not only in India, are people worldwide turning towards Ayurveda once again after failed attempt to find cure in other pathies. There are different methods practiced in Ayurveda like panchakarma, naturopathy, marma therapy and yoga that decrease the recovery period, support the treatment, manage the complications and independently can cure a lot of diseases as well. These methods not only eliminate diseases but have the power to maintain the health of a healthy person hence increasing the longevity of life. Not to mention how ayurveda takes spirituality hand in hand and always encourages to lead a happy life by not doing anything that can do harm to them or to people around them. Ayurveda brings the body together with nature under the concept of panchamahabhuta, in which the ayurveda doctors are educated about the similarities of human body with nature. Hence ayurveda is something we Indians should be proud of and should bring it into practice and encourage others to practice it as well for the welfare of society.

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