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Utilizing Object Oriented Software Testing Tools in Microsoft Corporation

The paper seeks to access the utilization of object oriented software testing tools and its ability to improve the efficiency of new software production in Microsoft Corporation. In recent times, new software is becoming increasingly complex with a whole lot of risks associated with failure when being utilized. This has indicated that far greater importance has to be placed on testing to guarantee the software works properly as well as corresponds with the customer requirement. This document looks at software testing of new software being produced in Microsoft Corporation using several software testing tools and techniques that can in turn help improve the efficiency and cogency of the software testing process as well as the quality of new software that are produced in the company. The results show that object oriented software testing tools actually work on the new software produced by Microsoft Corporation. Basic problems that are needed to be addressed when applying various testing tools during testing process demonstrated the need and effectiveness for the utilization of object oriented testing tools. Furthermore, suggestions were made in respect to the necessary refinements to the existing ways in which Microsoft test their new software in respect of getting the best out of the organization.

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