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Virtopsy: A Non-Invasive aid in Medico-Legal investigation

Autopsy became the gold standard for determining the cause & manner of death as it was introduced first. Researchers of Switzerland introduced
virtopsy in 2000; soon this minimally invasive technology in the field of forensic medicine has gained popularity over conventional autopsy. It
incorporates the technique of radiologists and forensic clinicians, reflects an ethical face in forensic examination. Its scope includes research on
gun shots, sharp & blunt force, trauma, heat & strangulation, postmortem interval estimation, injury related to skull & brain, 3D-surface pattern
matching. Techniques such as post-mortem computed tomography (PMCT) and post-mortem computed tomography angiography (PMCTA),
post-mortem magnetic resonance imaging (PMMR) help in easier and prompt evaluation of thanatological parameters without harming the
structural integrity of the remains and the moral integrity of the families of the deceased. This synopsis highlights the importance about virtopsy in
forensic investigation, its techniques & mechanisms.

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